A RAILSHINE RENTAL road-rail excavator at Limoges

The RAILSHINE RENTAL road-rail excavator worked on a Colas Rail worksite at Limoges, France, for making catenary excavations, pole blindings and concrete big-bag transportation. This worksite, by night, highlights the skills of the RAILSHINE RENTAL drivers.

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Road-rail excavator of Railshine Rental again on Paris area

Paris area worksites are non-stop this summer. The RAILSHINE RENTAL road-rail excavator is right now at Clichy for track crossings replacement and changement of track and ballast. This service is offered to TSO.

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Railshine Rental excavator in SNCF depot

RAILSHINE RENTAL participates to the installation of roof access platform for SNCF rail maintenance depot in Paris area, France.

This mission highlights firstly the driver quality who has to manage the works in narrow spaces, and secondly the UNAC 22TRR excavator capacities.

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RAILSHINE RENTAL comes back to Centre of France (43)

After a long time in South of France, the UNAC 22TRR road-rail excavator of RAILSHINE RENTAL, and its driver, come back to centre of France to handle two missions:

– Emptying of ditches and nearby the tracks

– Building of trenches alongside the track

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Railshine Rental working on mid-France project (58)

The Railshine Rental road-rail excavator is working on ETF worksite, located in mid-France (Nievre, France). The worksites are of night and the Railshine Rental mission is to replace sleepers, especially under track crossings. This is a kind of work that prooves the skills of Railshine Rental drivers.

Partnership with ETF will continue just after with a new mission again in the centre of France.

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Night railways works in the center of Marseille, France

Railshine Rentalis working on the Marseille Saint-Charles station worksite to remove catenary poles. The works, during by night, permit to highlight the road-rail excavator flecxibility and the ability to work in urban closed areas.

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Railshine Rental on Orleans’s tramway worksite

The Railshine Rental road-rail excavator is now working on tramway worksite for Colas Rail company. Our driver is replacing old rails with new ones thanks to rail clamp.

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