RAILSHINE RENTAL comes back to Centre of France (43)

After a long time in South of France, the UNAC 22TRR road-rail excavator of RAILSHINE RENTAL, and its driver, come back to centre of France to handle two missions:

– Emptying of ditches and nearby the tracks

– Building of trenches alongside the track

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Railshine Rental working on mid-France project (58)

The Railshine Rental road-rail excavator is working on ETF worksite, located in mid-France (Nievre, France). The worksites are of night and the Railshine Rental mission is to replace sleepers, especially under track crossings. This is a kind of work that prooves the skills of Railshine Rental drivers.

Partnership with ETF will continue just after with a new mission again in the centre of France.

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Night railways works in the center of Marseille, France

Railshine Rentalis working on the Marseille Saint-Charles station worksite to remove catenary poles. The works, during by night, permit to highlight the road-rail excavator flecxibility and the ability to work in urban closed areas.

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Railshine Rental on Orleans’s tramway worksite

The Railshine Rental road-rail excavator is now working on tramway worksite for Colas Rail company. Our driver is replacing old rails with new ones thanks to rail clamp.

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Railshine Rental on Mulhouse worsite

The Railshine Rental road-rail excavator participates at Colas Rail worsite at Mulhouse, France for handling of rail track struts. The worsite, made by night not to disturb train service, associated to a specific railway type of works, with high rate level enables the capacity of Railshine Rental to manage all kind of works.

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Cable unwinding in the center of France (43)

Railshine Rental works on project for unwinding of catenary cable in the center of France. The UNAC 22TRR road-rail excavator and Railshine Rental drives, associated, allow to perform with safety and productive works.

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A Railshine Rental road-rail excavator in the Alps

One road-rail excavator with its driver is working on a Colas Rail worksite for caulking of catenary poles.

The works are running by night, on a tough railway track, nearby a tunnel.

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